Adding a Magnesium Supplement To My Diet Was a Must. Here’s Why.

This is a sponsored write-up created by me on behalf of SlowMag® Mg Muscle mass + Coronary heart. All viewpoints are 100% mine.


In a quest to get some more well being benefits, I’m constantly willing to consider a new nutritional supplement or superfood. 

I was 1st alerted to the great importance of meeting my each day magnesium requires 10 several years in the past by my physician. She suspected that I was dealing with low magnesium levels and she was appropriate, which is why magnesium supplements are an necessary portion of my well being and wellness program. And there are even extra rewards than I in the beginning recognized.

Preserve reading through to see just why you may possibly want to start out a magnesium schedule by yourself and how you can get all you will need.


As the 4th most abundant mineral in the system, magnesium is dependable for above 300 enzymatic reactions in the system. There is not a cell in our body that doesn’t have to have magnesium to perform effectively.

Some critical benefits of magnesium incorporate:

  • Proper electrical power rate of metabolism* 
  • Appropriate muscle perform* 
  • Will help retain right functionality of the cardiovascular method*


Eating a diet plan prosperous in fatty fish like salmon and plant-primarily based food items like almonds, hemp seeds, bananas, leafy greens, avocados, lentils, and beans are excellent techniques to get magnesium by means of your diet regime. Straightforward more than enough suitable? Not quite. In accordance to a USDA Agricultural Research Report, 7 out of 10 Individuals are not getting plenty of of the magnesium we will need from diet on your own.

For case in point, to satisfy the advised each day ingestion of 420 mg magnesium you would have to eat one particular of the food stuff groupings underneath:

  • 10 dozen almonds
  • 13 bananas
  • 7 avocados
  • 7 50 % fillets of salmon

There is no way I can, or even want to, consume 10 dozen almonds a working day. And ingesting 13 bananas? That is bananas!


So, to make certain you’re finding ample magnesium, incorporating a magnesium supplement to your diet regime is 1 way to go.

But which kind of magnesium ought to you go with? There are quite a few unique forms of magnesium on the market but it’s vital to know that they’re not all the exact. Some forms are not as effortlessly absorbed by your system though other folks without an enteric coating may well lead to abdomen upset. And for some explanation, magnesium oxide, 1 of the most typically provided types of magnesium in dietary supplements, is also a single of the most badly-absorbed types. And if you’re not absorbing your magnesium health supplement, what is the issue?

This is why I definitely like SlowMag® Mg Muscle mass + Heart. It is created with magnesium chloride, a sort of magnesium that is remarkably bioavailable which signifies it is easily absorbed by your entire body. The tablets are also formulated with an enteric coating to be digested Slow-ly, lessening the probability of upset tummy. Now I consider SlowMag Mg Muscle + Heart everyday. Sometimes I take it alongside with a handful of almonds or just one particular, and only just one banana. Other periods I’ll choose it on an vacant stomach an hour right before bed. Give SlowMag Mg Muscle + Coronary heart a try out to assist suitable muscle functionality, electrical power metabolic rate, and cardiovascular well being.*

† Based on USDA Database

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Meals and Drug Administration. This products is not intended to diagnose, address, heal, or avert any condition.


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